Blocked Schedule Display
Display scheduled data in tables with the time spans blocked out -- just like TV listings and calendar programs. - 17K

A Bingo game to play at boring corporate meetings. Dynamically generate bingo boards from a database of buzzwords. - 14K

Column Display
Ever want to display your outputted data in columns instead of rows? Learn how here. - 25K

Column Header Sorting
Allow users to change the sort order of returned results by clicking on the column header of a table. - 24K

Date Select Popup
Automatically populate a date form field by selecting the date from a calendar popup window. - 4K

Multiple Update
Create a multi-row form, similar to a grid, to perform a multiple record updates at one time. - 16K

Previous / Next
Break up the display of recordsets on multiple pages like search engines do. - 25K

Quick Poll
Answer a question and view the results. - 21K

Random Question Quiz
Display random questions from a database and dynamically score the results. - 20K


Address Book
Use JavaScript to select names from your address book to send mail to in a web-based mail program. Looks just like Outlook. - 17K

Date Calculations
Add or subtract days or weeks to a date using JavaScript. - 3K

Form Validation
There is more to form validation then checking to see if a text box has value. In addition to checking for values in text areas, select boxes, checkboxes and radio buttons, you can also check for the values of fields depending on what other fields have been selected. - 4K

Multi Select Limit
This example shows you how to limit the number of items in a multi select box that a user can select. - 2K

Related Selects
Learn the answer to the all important question of making the values in one select box dependent on the selection of another. - 24K

Select Box Lookup
Narrow down a long list of select box elements by entering a few characters into a text box. - 24K

Custom Tags

Display your outputted data in a dynamic number of columns. - 25K

Create an input type = "file" form field with dynamically created client-side validation. - 5K

Generate a list of unique, random numbers. - 3K

Get the username and domain name from an e-mail address. - 2K

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