Free Code - ColdFusion

  Application and Session Variables Learn efficient ways to set Application and Session variables and how to access them without getting overloading with the CFLOCK tag.

Blocked Schedule Display Display scheduled data in tables with the time spans blocked out -- just like TV listings and calendar programs.

BuzzwordBingo A Bingo game to play at boring corporate meetings. Dynamically generate bingo boards from a database of buzzwords.

Calendar A dynamic calendar generated by ColdFusion.

Column Display Ever want to display your outputted data in columns instead of rows? Learn how here.

Column Header Sorting Allow users to change the sort order of returned results by clicking on the column header of a table.

Date Select Popup Automatically populate a date form field by selecting the date from a calendar popup window.

Multiple Update Create a multi-row form, similar to a grid, to perform a multiple record updates at one time.

Previous / Next Break up the display of recordsets on multiple pages like search engines do.

Quick Poll Answer a question and view the results.

Random Question Quiz Display random questions from a database and dynamically score the results.

Retrieving Last Inserted ID Examples of how to retrieve the ID of the last inserted row in a table.

Tips from the Forums Over the years, I've answered many of the same questions on the forums more than once. Here are some of the most common ones...

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