Random Question Quiz

I've been asked a lot lately about displaying randomly selected records from a database. I've written the RandNumList custom tag for just this purpose. I'm going to take this code one step further and show how you can display random questions from a database and then grade the user's score on the action page.

I have a database with 9 questions and I'm displaying 5 of them randomly below. When you click on 'Grade', your score will be processed. Unanswered questions will be graded as 'wrong'.

2. What should you create for somebody that you send Email very often?
A mailbox.
A nickname.
A directory.
A shortcut.
5. Which is the odd one out?
4. What does RTF stand for?
Raw Text Format.
Raw Text File.
Rich Text File.
Rich Text Format.
3. Which of the following is not a way to send mail to more than one person?
Put a line in the message body with the secondary addresses in it.
Put secondary recipients in Cc: or Bcc: fields.
Make a nickname for the people as a group.
Use send again and change the address each time.
9. Now that you are about to finish this quiz, if you have all the answers correct, you can be sure that you know all there is to know about Email.

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