Ever get bored in corporate meetings? With Buzzword Bingo, you and your colleagues can add some excitement to dull meetings. Buzzwords are stored in an Access table and the board is dynamically generated so the words and their placement are random. The more buzzwords you have, the more random the boards are. Add your logo or the speaker's picture to the Free Space square for added enjoyment!

This example uses the CF_RandNumList custom tag, available in the Tags and Functions section. The tag is included in the example download.

Knowledge Base Mulit-Vendor Latency Total Quality Reallignment
Hardball Value-Added Client Focused Proactive Brochureware
Magnitude Creative Destruction Free
Ball Park Out of the Loop
Branding Top-Notch Meaningful Change Enable Leverage
Incentivize Think Outside the Box Talk to that Issue Distributed Environment Commodities

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