General Information

System Requirements

The server from which you run these applications must have a web server software installed (such as IIS or Apache) and ColdFusion 5.0 or ColdFusion MX installed.


All applications have been tested with both ColdFusion 5.0 and ColdFusion MX. They have also been tested with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle as the back end databases.

Copyright Notice

The WebTricks applications as well as their documentation, graphics, screen shots, etc… are the intellectual property of and are Copyright A© 2002

Terms of Use

You are permitted to modify or customize your copy of the software to your liking; however you may not redistribute it to other parties. You are not permitted to resell or redistribute the Software unless explicitly authorized by us. You are not permitted to re-post or circulate the source code, or any derivative works, on the Internet, newsgroups, in e-mails, or in any other manner.


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