Custom T-SQL String/Math Functions

Bringing the power and ease of ColdFusion's built-in functions to SQL Server!


The WebTricks Custom T-SQL String & Math Functions are custom/user-defined functions for SQL Server that mimic both the functionality and syntax of 10 ColdFusion string functions, 6 ColdFusion math functions and one ColdFusion system function.

These functions are not only useful for easily returning formatted values directly from the database, they are also a great learning tool as many of them contain complex and advanced T-SQL code and are unencrypted and well commented.

For full usage information and examples please check out the User/Developer Guide!

The following string functions are included:

  • CJustify
  • DecimalFormat
  • DollarFormat
  • HTMLCodeFormat
  • HTMLEditFormat
  • LJustify
  • RemoveChars
  • RJustify
  • Trim
  • YesNoFormat

The following math functions are included:

  • BitAnd
  • BitNot
  • BitOr
  • BitXor
  • DecrementValue
  • IncrementValue

The following system functions are included:

  • GetFunctionList

*** These functions are for Microsoft SQL Server only.


$12.95 for one copy of the functions for installation on one database server.


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