Commercial Code

For years we have offered free code samples to the development community. While we will still be free providing examples and creating new ones, we are also now selling commercial applications and SQL functions at prices affordable to just about anyone.

These applications/SQL functions sets have two purposes:

  • To provide you with useful functionality at a good price: Our applications & SQL functions can be used as-is or modified to fit into your existing web site.
  • As a learning tool: Like all WebTricks examples, the code is well documented to make the techniques used easier to understand and providing you with the ability to replicate them on your own.

Available Applications:

All WebTricks SQL functions contain the following:

  • Well-commented SQL file for each function
  • ColdFusion (.cfm) templates with full examples
  • User/Developer Guide document

The WebTricks Calendar application contain the following:

  • ColdFusion (.cfm) templates
  • Microsoft Access database schema (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Access database
  • SQL Server database schema (.pdf)
  • SQL Server scripts to create the database tables
  • SQL Server scripts to populate the tables with default values
  • Oracle database schema (.pdf)
  • Oracle scripts to create the database tables
  • Oracle scripts to populate the tables with default values
  • User Guide document
  • Developer Guide document

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